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When I was 9 years old, waiting in line for my dance class, I suddenly got a complete 'download': I was a Singer. My Voice was going to be my Anchor and Guide.

I could feel, hear and see her, my voice. So even when I was not yet 'open enough' to receive her true power, I knew I could trust her wisdom.

She led me to the right teachers, helped me choose my unique path, gave me an instrument to expres my soul.

My Gift is to help Connect your body with your Soul's Voice & teach you how to Uncover your unique Singing- and Speaking-Voice.


  • When I work with the voice, for over 20 years now, I draw from the wisdom of the School of Uncovering the Voice founded by Valborg Werbeck Svartstrom, a Swedish singer who was inspired by the Anthroposophie.
  • The exercises are dedicated to uncover the healthy, free sounding singing voice that is uniquely yours. A voice like that carries with it the essence of your soul. It resonates all of your true colors and the content of your heart. To be able to express yourself like that fulfills our deepest human need: to be loved, heard, known and be seen for who we really are.
  • As a certified advanced Theta Healer I also use the Theta healing* system to create lasting positive changes. By receiving conscious awareness from a place of pure love, about your limiting behavioral habits and belief systems, you are able to choose to replace them with positive helping beliefs. It will help you to choose and create your own reality, fully express your souls desire and open up to your true potential.
  • This sound and save method creates and opens up numerous possibilities: from overcoming stage fright, fear of failure, to healing or lessen asthmatic symptoms that prevent you from breathing or using your voice freely and powerfully.
  • Having helped people for over 15 years to communicate from the heart, be on stage, sing freely, and speak for impact, I have witnessed swift and miraculous lasting changes. Even for people who, before I used the Theta Healing, were never able to 'see', dream and believe themselves truly capable of it,
  • After the Theta Healing & Voice Sessions my clients experience lasting positive shifts in their life's, relationships, and their careers.

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'Fitting in' and finding my tribe was something I longed for but was never able too.

I felt like the black scheep, the outsider. So I tried to blend in, hiding many of my unique qualities. I hid my sensitivity and my healing powers. Never showing the wild women inside of me. I suppressed my sensual movements, my sexual confidence and the longings that lived within me. I did use my voice, but never truly 'owned up' to having a great voice.

Suppressing my deeply feminine powers came with a cost; financially, in my relationships and in my health.

Until I choose to Be Me and Love Me. My energy rushed back inside of my body and shifts started to happen almost within the first moment if realizing I had the freedom to choose my own reality wherein I could make use of all of my unique powers.

I started to respect my own nature that only lives fulfilled when it has true Freedom while being in Service of something bigger than me alone.

It drew the right people towards me, The people who 'got me' and with whom I felt completely understood and seen. I started to manifest everything I longed for and needed. Like affordable big office spaces to work and play, houses on the country side and starry night picknicks with my loved ones.


  • In 2017 I went to England to became a One of Many Women's Coach and have since worked with women all over the world. The coaching that I offer helps women to choose their own life. To step out of a paradigm that is outdated, that is not serving you and your health.
  • Instead we focus upon all the powers that you DO have. We wake them up and integrate them into your life, your relationships, your health and your business or career.
  • When you choose to implement all of you into everything that you do, you become the Queen of your life. The reigns are in your hand and you are able to steer it into the direction that is most aligned with your bliss and potential. It makes up for such a unique blend that there is no fixed route.
  • The Theta Healings will remove your limiting beliefs. It will instill an inner knowing that creates calm and confidence. In my coaching I will give you the right tools to find and create your own pathway in life that is unapologetic yours.
  • Life becomes SO much more joyful and fulfilling when you can live it like YOU! The relief of no longer having to be some made up 'Superwoman' version of you, who feels completely overwhelmed because she is trying to be everything for everyone, and in the meantime notices how she never seems to make a truly lasting impact.

"You know Elisabeth, before we worked together I had the car and was driving at full speed – but with the brakes on.

Now it feels as if I’m driving in my Rolls, relaxed, certain, leaning back almost. But the results are so much bigger, and I actually enjoy the ride! "

Erica Broekhoven, Classical Homeopath, Reiki Master & Coach

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