Imagine being given the opportunity to be gifted or give the most personal gift...

Let me Serenade your Soul

Meet my Vocal Presence Soulsong Gift Package

Your feminine deserves to be Serenaded

My beautiful Feminine Soulsong Vocal Presence Gift Package contains my most valuable gifts that helps you to tune into the wisdom of your own ancient, and yet so modern and fierce divine feminine voice & wisdom.

  • My personal downloadable recorded album "Parlo d'amor con me'
  • The Soul’s Voice meditation containing the Resonating power of the 5 Women Power Archetypes
  • One handpicked song that I choose and sing especially for you &
  • A channeled message & Theta Healing Download through me, only meant for you

Gift 3 & 4 are both based upon your question or story that you feel your soul wants me to sing and speak for.

Special Gift Price € 49,- incl tax

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Bring the magic.

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