Virtual Retreat

The year to create a home for your soul to play, by creating daily sacredness into your life and business.


2020 Is almost at a close.
I don’t remember having gone through so many changes in one short time.

How has 2020 affected you? How has it changed you - have you been willing to let it change and transform you?

With everything behind us, our muscles to decipher what is actually life happening for us, - or experiencing life as a big drama, something distracting from actually living the change we long for- , have grown.

Big part of it is bringing in more awareness of the sacredness of daily life. What do I mean?

It is what I see our soul does when we let her. 
Have you seen the new movie Soul from Pixar?

Living in itself is the gift.
Using the gift of your expression. Your voice and the way you use your senses to connect - or choose (unconsciously) to close down. It is where sacredness is coming from.

What I do when I sing for people, plants, animals, the world, or just for myself, is directing my soul. I direct my soul through music with my body, it’s transmuted through my voice and then resonates through the air. It pulses out. It touches the realm it’s heard in.

Do I really know what it will do? No. I have no idea.

Sometimes I hear back what it does. My friend Maike told me that my song during her wedding is still guiding her to what she knew then was the deepest reason of her saying yes to her marriage, herself and her husband. It had an undying aspect to it.

Is my voice that special? I don’t think so. What I know what is special: my soul was completely immersed in it

When I work with my clients the essence of what I do is help them to awaken and emerge their soul into everything they do. To make the ordinary sacred.

Virtual Retreat

Do you long to bring more authentic aliveness in your entrepreneurship, and into the way you lead your own business, your own life, the way you speak and connect on stage with your audience - but also at the table and in the bedroom with your love?

Then this is your clue to bring in that sacredness to life.
Let me show you what steps will take you there! 

I am hosting a virtual retreat to see what the changes have been that 2020 have brought you - we are going to anchor those changes in.

We are going to choose from a place of leadership what we will bring with us or what we will leave behind.

We will set up the year 2021 from an aligned place.

I will bring you into contact with the voices of your different feminine archetypes. We are going to set up a conversation that will unlock your sacred wisdom and will let your inner queen show you what lies ahead.

I will personally sing you to your path of choosing.

We already know it is going to be an exciting path. Because it is your path.
And you get to choose how to make it your sacred path and place.

It’s like creating a beautiful pathway for your soul to come and play with you; to bring you the prosperity that is her birthright.
To give you that abundance of experiences that enlivens your energy and that brings in the creativity that makes you stand out and be seen.

You are so welcome to this beautiful online retreat.

It’s going to set you up for a whole other experience entering your new year than you are used to.

We are going to have this inspiring online retreat on Saturday 9 January from 13.00 until 17.00 pm CET

Good to know:

If for ever reason you are not going to be able to be there life (but please be there live, it will change your whole year!) you will receive the recordings and are able to do it in your time.

What is this retreat really about and what is it going to offer you?

It’s combining all parts of your life and letting all of the parts have an amazing short empowering spa, an awakening meditation and then letting them being dressed and put into perfect makeup before going onto the stage of the performance of your dreams.

Whatever you do, with me or on your own, create space in your life to open up the sacredness that allows your soul to come and join you in this amazing year that is here.